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Protecting your Property

What protection can I get for my property?

Landlord insurance is a must for anyone who is renting out their property as it will cover you against such things like fire, water damage or breakages by the occupying tenants.
To protect your property against such misfortunes you should put the following in to practice:

  • Possible fire hazards should be removed from within the property especially the kitchen area. You should also check around the outside of the house for any fire imperilments.
  • Without question you should install smoke detectors and make sure they are in working order and a fire extinguisher should be placed somewhere accessible within the property.
  • Installing an alarm device can act as a deterrent to burglars and is favourable to many insurers who will offer a discount on your insurance policy.
  • Install deadlocks on external doors and fit locks to all windows to make the property more secure.

Contents Insurance

What ever type of property you own, chances are you have a considerable amount of money tied up in that property. This is an investment you need to protect for a whole variety of reasons.

  • It is essential that you insure the items you own such as carpets, sofas, chairs and even pictures in case they become damaged or stolen.
  • Make a note of all the belongings you own throughout the house to gauge what type of insurance cover you will require.
  • Avoid problems by maintaining your property by keeping it in a good suitable condition. Always make sure you are aware of any problems before your tenants move in and see that these jobs are seen to.
  • Encourage your tenants to inform you of any concerns regarding the property whether it’s property damage or a safety issue.
  • Make a note of all the feedback you get from your tenants such as repair requests, complaints etc. Deal with repairs as soon as possible and keep your tenants informed when the work will be carried out.
Posted by John in Blog on 6 December, 2009 | 11:38