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Letting Only

We offer a Letting only Package, we will advertise your property to find you a tenant. We will gather all necessary Paperwork from the tenant and get a tenant agreement in place. Our Letting only Package consists of the following stages and services:

Offering the property

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Prior to marketing your property we shall arrange a visit and offer our opinion as to an appropriate asking rental figure. Once you have confirmed your instructions, for us to act for you, your property will be registered and details circulated to prospective individuals, corporate tenants and relocation agencies. We will also register your property on our Internet web site and
Appointments will be made for prospective tenants to be accompanied when viewing the property. On receiving an offer we shall report directly to the landlord or his/her representative and negotiate the terms of the tenancy.


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We obtain three individual references, which are financial, corporate, professional or personal. The result of these references will, if requested, be made available to the landlord, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any reference, nor can we accept any responsibility resulting from the non-disclosure of facts from the reference provider.


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A deposit against damages and unpaid accounts equivalent to one months rent, or such other sum as may be appropriate and/or agreed, will be held by ourselves as Stakeholders, Landlord’s Agent or alternatively by the landlord. It is not unusual for some larger corporate tenants to offer a letter of guarantee in lieu of a financial deposit. Should a guarantee be offered we will be happy to discuss the implications.

Tenancy Agreement

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Unless otherwise instructed we will draft a tenancy agreement on our standard form of agreement and appropriate notices will be served upon the tenant. Should the landlord require specific clauses to be inserted into the agreement, we must be advised of this in writing prior to the agreement being prepared. Whilst our agreements are regularly reviewed, Rent365 are not solicitors therefore you should consult your own legal advisor to seek any specific advice as to the appropriateness of any tenancy documentation.


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The first instalment of monies accruing from the Tenancy agreement shall be payable directly to Rent365. Our policy is to pass funds to clients as quickly as possible, however it should be noted the first payment will usually be remitted up to 12 working days following commencement of the tenancy in order to facilitate the gathering of information and setting up of computer files and procedures.


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Due to the introduction of competition in both the ESB and Gas networks in Ireland, utility companies will no longer receive or action any instructions from a third party on accounts. Therefore Rent365 will not be able to advise the utilities companies of the change of occupancy at a property. Rent365 will however, record readings from ESB and Gas meters prior to the commencement of a tenancy. These details will be passed on to the tenant and they will have the responsibility of changing the accounts into their own name.
Landlords are generally responsible for payment of the fixed charge in relation to refuse collection. The tenant assumes responsibility for the pay by use charge payable each time the service is used.


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Rent365 recommend that inventories be prepared by the landlord of the property. On the commencement of the tenancy a copy of this inventory is given to the tenants to be signed and attached to a copy of the letting agreement. Should there be any discrepancies the landlord will be contacted and made aware of any differences.

Letting fee

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Where a tenant introduced through Rent365 enters into a tenancy agreement our fees are due and are calculated at 6% of the total gross rent plus VAT for the duration of the whole tenancy term. These fees will become due at the commencement of the initial letting period and will be taken in advance from the first instalment of rent and will be invoiced and become due at the commencement of any new term.