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Full Management

Rent365 Full Management includes all the services involved in our Letting Only Service. The Additional Services offered as Part of Full Management as outlined below:

Rent and Management Fees

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Rent demands will be sent to the tenant if required, in line with the terms of the Tenancy agreement and rental payments will be made to us, on a monthly basis. Rents (less our fees and any other payments due) are remitted to the landlord, unless otherwise requested in writing. Our full management fees are between 10 and 12% of the monthly rent plus VAT.
Our policy is to pass funds on to our clients as quickly as possible, however it should be noted the first payment will usually be remitted 6-12 working days following the commencement of the tenancy in order to facilitate the gathering of information and setting up of computer files and procedures.

Rent Statement

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Statements are issued to our clients as we receive rent. These statements detail rent received plus other income, expenditure and arrears along with monthly and cumulative tax retention.

Default in payment

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In the event of rent arrears a letter will be sent to the tenant after three days. Should the rent not be received within five days a representative will call to the property to arrange for the collection of the rent. In the unlikely event that the rent remains in arrears after a 14 day period Rent365 Ltd will commence eviction proceedings against the tenant.


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Where Rent365 is managing a property we will, subject to managing from the commencement of a tenancy, hold all deposits as STAKEHOLDERS and assess any damages, as noted on the check out report, to the best of our ability. We cannot be responsible for correctly pricing personal artefacts, unusual items or antiques pieces We will assess the “check out” report and charge accordingly, either replacing broken items (if applicable) with similar items


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We will attend to day-to-day matters of repair and maintenance and instruct outside contractors accordingly on behalf of the Landlord. Should the landlord instruct us to arrange repairs that exceed €500.00, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of 10% plus VAT of the total cost. Please note that we are unable to supply access to properties for contractors that will not collect keys or give a timed appointment, however we will ask the assistance of the occupier if this problem arises.

Property visits

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Where possible we will arrange to visit the property after an initial period of three months has expired of the tenancy and three monthly thereafter. This visit is purely superficial and is not intended to represent a structural survey or inventory check. We will communicate our findings to the landlord following our visit.


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We will arrange for professional cleaning of the property including carpet, curtains and windows at the landlords cost at the commencement of each tenancy and deal with the preparation of the property for a new tenancy, unless advised by the landlord in writing, to the contrary.


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We will arrange for the garden (if necessary) to be brought back to good seasonal order for the commencement of each tenancy and additional gardening during any tenancy if requested, at the landlord’s cost.