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Landlords face double fees – Rent365 can help

Landlords now face a potential double registration charge for  rented properties following a key legislative change by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage & Local Government according to the Chief Executive of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers (IPAV).

Fintan McNamara said that since the coming into force of the Residential Tenancies Act four years ago, at least on third of the monthly applications to the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) to register tenancies are returned to agents and landlords who omit, often inadvertently, to include all the mandatory details in what is a very lengthy application form.

Up to now applicants were not subject to a late fee of €140 once the initial form was submitted within 30 days of the tenancies being signed.  However, following the recent legislative change by Minister Gormley to Section 135 (5) of the Act, a double fee will be applied immediately if there is any omission or error whatsoever.

“IPAV is calling on the Minister to reverse this decision immediately or allow the PRTB secretariat discretion in applying the late fee in extenuating cases,” said Mr McNamara.  “We are also asking that applicants be given one month to correct an incomplete form as very often the mistakes are made inadvertently or the information is simply not available to the landlord.”

Mr McNamara said there should be some flexibility in administering the registration system as the vast majority of landlords were co-operating fully with the PRTB on a purely voluntarily basis.

“This new rigid an inflexible approach by the Minister will do nothing to promote goodwill among all sides in helping to provide a more open and transparent system for all concerned,” added Mr McNamara.

Through our rigorus systems and attention to details Rent365 will ensure all applications for our Clients are submitted correct and on time. In this way late fees can be avoided.
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