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How to Handle Property Maintenance Issues

Keep some cash handy. A cash reserve should be maintained as a stand by in case a tenant vacates your house unexpectedly. This will also help you cover up any unexpected repair bills. Before new tenants move in always remember to scrutinize the premises and fix any problems.

Your tenants must be told to inform you in case of any safety or security problems. Any thing related to plumbing, damp walls, broken doors, water problem etc must be reported promptly. This will apply not only to the tenant
unit but also external areas such as garages, sheds or pavements. Maintain a log book with details on when and how was the repair done. When were the repair requests made and how was it solved. Inform the tenant by when will it be fixed. Try and resolve the issue within 24 hours. You can handle most urgent issues quickly.
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Posted by John in Blog on 30 November, 2009 | 11:35