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5 Tips to get your Property Rented

Here are a few suggestions of amenities that could make your Property more attractive than your competitors. A few euro spent could give your property years of advantage.

  1. Before you consider renting out your Property, take an honest look at it. Is it maintained in a way that is attractive to prospective tenants? Does it invoke curiosity to see what is inside the building? Advertise your property by keeping it in top shape.
  2. In an environment where homeowners are not allowing tenants to smoke in their property, giving permission to a tenant to have a dog or cat may soon be an amenity. To ensure the family pet will not despoil the property, sign a pet clause addendum to the lease.
  3. Extra touches such as a heated towel rack or extra storage space can make a huge difference. For a small investment, your tenant will feel good about paying a little extra rent.
  4. For less than €50, plant perennial flowers that grow every year like tulips, zinnias, and daffodils, and colorful shrubs like dogwood or hibiscus around the property.  If you find a tenant that loves to garden, you will have a gardener for many years.
  5. Flat, white paint is out. When you repaint your vacancy, use a pastel, eggshell finish.  Paint the walls with colors such as off-white, light beige or cream. Tenants like to think you put thought into marketing the Property, that you don’t treat your units in assembly line fashion.
  6. If you have wood floors, have them treated between every vacancy. A sanded, refinished wood floor is much better than an old, unevenly colored waxed one.
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